Spring has sprung

Sunday and nice weather equals picnics. We made our way to the local park too.Food vendors greeted us at the entrance. We were quick to hand over a dirham (about 12 cents) for a bag of popcorn. I had my eye on the homemade potato chip vendor (with the brownish awning), but I figured we … More Spring has sprung

New home

Home sweet home! Here I am on the second floor balcony. You can see our front entranceway (by the white square on the wall) which opens to a narrow patch of grass and then the front door. The door opens into ….…. our huge salon/living room. Can you believe the size of this? We love … More New home

Mother Jade

When we moved here in 2006 one of the first plants we got was a Jade plant. My mom always loved Jades so I was attracted to it. I had about four plants in our first 3rd floor apartment and the little Jade remained small and spindly (due to the lack of light). After four … More Mother Jade