Familiar products

Here are some things that I buy weekly, if not daily, that I wanted to make sure I captured so I won’t quickly forget how much I depended on them. Milk in half liter containers. What I pretended was cream cheese.  Nice in a coffee cake. This is the yogurt company that I remember as … More Familiar products

The chicken man

Down the street from Omar, the fruit and vegetable guy, is the “chicken man” nestled under his orange awning. (And yes, in case you are wondering, I did buy some of those delicious, sweet beets sitting there.) The chicken man has so much more than poultry!  He has my favorite olives, marinated with citrus. He … More The chicken man

Making Couscous

Our markets overflow with fresh vegetables at this time of year. A perfect time to make couscous! I am a definite novice and there are many ways of doing this, but this is what I do… With oil (both olive and regular) covering the bottom of a pan and over a flame, I add about … More Making Couscous

Pressure cooking

I love the pressure cooker. It makes chewy beef tender, it turns dry white beans into something edible, and it completes its work faster than a child can say, “When is dinner ready? I’m really hungry.”  I converted from crockpot cooking to pressure cooking in the US when my children were young. I did love … More Pressure cooking


I never used to like olives.  All of the olives I saw growing up were the black ones from the cans.  I remember putting the whole pitted olives on my five fingers, playing, and then putting them back because they were yucky.  My dad ate the green ones with the pimentos from the jars.  I … More Olives