Artist at work

We have a painter in the house. Elizabeth has been enjoying taking painting lessons once a week from an expert in town. I always love to see what she has been working on and my eyes have been so pleased with her results. I love the shadows and the vivid red. This is Hannah’s favorite. … More Artist at work

A golden egg?

Patrick picked up a chicken from the souk last week. When he was little, one of his chores on the ranch was to slaughter the chickens, so he wanted Josiah to have a chance to experience it. I was hoping that maybe she would lay some eggs for us in the meantime. One day around … More A golden egg?

December birthdays

Our family is blessed with the sweet disposition of Hannah Rose. She has an endearing smile and an intuitive kindness. And now she’s 10 years old.  Double digits!  A cake-and-ice-cream-singing-parade. A better picture would have been Hannah perched on the stilts in the background while her parental unit made the joyful procession! That didn’t cross my mind … More December birthdays


A playmobil party took place this week in my little girl’s bedroom. I asked Hannah what they were doing. She replied, “They are having a white elephant exchange.” Seems like mismatched legos were being quickly traded as well as a pan and some pets. This scene made me smile all week. I love the imagination of kids.

Happy June birthdays

John turned 12 earlier this month. He loves creating (through drawing or legos), playing baseball, and providing comic relief. I’m so thankful that he is in our family.We enjoyed a trip to our local gardens that are filled with cool labyrinths and rope bridges. (And a fine dad that makes these places fun!)We enjoyed these … More Happy June birthdays

Spring has sprung

Sunday and nice weather equals picnics. We made our way to the local park too.Food vendors greeted us at the entrance. We were quick to hand over a dirham (about 12 cents) for a bag of popcorn. I had my eye on the homemade potato chip vendor (with the brownish awning), but I figured we … More Spring has sprung