Even though

I sniffed. Ah, lemon. The smell of clean. “Shukran, Fatiha,” I expressed my thanks as I followed my house helper out the front door. I loved Wednesdays. It meant a visit from Fatiha who doused my tile floors with buckets of water and “Monsieur Propre” (the Mr. Clean equivalent), finished my dirty dishes, and swept … More Even though


Morocco has plenty of juice places. It’s a refreshing and inexpensive snack. Plus, they are beautiful–a delicious strawberry one. My favorite–an avocado with ground almonds and dates–sitting next to a mango friend. I love being together most of all.

A happy place

Welcome to one of my most favorite places on earth! First, you hop on a local rowboat to cross an inlet to reach a sandy beach. Then you climb up a dune so that you can overlook the city and the Atlantic. Oh, the breeze, the sounds, and the colors–glorious! Then, you watch your son … More A happy place

A favorite snack

I’ve said it before…I love Moroccan olives.  These are my new neighborhood favorites marinated in garlic, lemon, and herbs.  Pictured is 1/4 of a kilo priced at about 60 US cents.  I confess I ate them all in one day.  No regrets.