Morocco has plenty of juice places. It’s a refreshing and inexpensive snack. Plus, they are beautiful–a delicious strawberry one. My favorite–an avocado with ground almonds and dates–sitting next to a mango friend. I love being together most of all.

A favorite snack

I’ve said it before…I love Moroccan olives.  These are my new neighborhood favorites marinated in garlic, lemon, and herbs.  Pictured is 1/4 of a kilo priced at about 60 US cents.  I confess I ate them all in one day.  No regrets.

Happy June birthdays

John turned 12 earlier this month. He loves creating (through drawing or legos), playing baseball, and providing comic relief. I’m so thankful that he is in our family.We enjoyed a trip to our local gardens that are filled with cool labyrinths and rope bridges. (And a fine dad that makes these places fun!)We enjoyed these … More Happy June birthdays

Making Couscous

Our markets overflow with fresh vegetables at this time of year. A perfect time to make couscous! I am a definite novice and there are many ways of doing this, but this is what I do… With oil (both olive and regular) covering the bottom of a pan and over a flame, I add about … More Making Couscous

Adventures in baking gluten free–Making the flour

When my daughter was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2009 in the US, I poured over gluten-free food blogs, compliled recipes from a faithful gf friend, and scanned through the pile of books that my dad lovingly bought. I remember thinking that it was a change but doable, that I could learn much from those … More Adventures in baking gluten free–Making the flour