Crazy driving

We have now landed in the US, but this was a draft that I never posted. I won’t quickly forget driving in Morocco… When I step into the car my mind often goes to the 80s song by the Fine Young Cannibals, “She drives me crazy.” But I sing it with an “it” instead of … More Crazy driving


Henna is a lovely tradition here. It seems that anytime something happy happens with women, henna is involved. A henna ceremony prepares a bride for her big all-night party. A woman in her third trimester of pregnancy receives henna as a blessing and as a protection of sorts.  It’s a beautiful art form!

The chicken man

Down the street from Omar, the fruit and vegetable guy, is the “chicken man” nestled under his orange awning. (And yes, in case you are wondering, I did buy some of those delicious, sweet beets sitting there.) The chicken man has so much more than poultry!  He has my favorite olives, marinated with citrus. He … More The chicken man


Patrick asked the store owner for some Oreos. He searched in a box and produced this. Eyoo. This is how they pronounce Oreo. Eyoo. Try to say it with a French-sounding “e” and in three syllables. It’s close! I think the “r” sound tends to vary in many languages, so a “y” sound is a … More Oreos