December birthdays

Our family is blessed with the sweet disposition of Hannah Rose. She has an endearing smile and an intuitive kindness. And now she’s 10 years old.  Double digits!  A cake-and-ice-cream-singing-parade. A better picture would have been Hannah perched on the stilts in the background while her parental unit made the joyful procession! That didn’t cross my mind … More December birthdays

Happy June birthdays

John turned 12 earlier this month. He loves creating (through drawing or legos), playing baseball, and providing comic relief. I’m so thankful that he is in our family.We enjoyed a trip to our local gardens that are filled with cool labyrinths and rope bridges. (And a fine dad that makes these places fun!)We enjoyed these … More Happy June birthdays

December Birthdays

December has come and gone.  Many birthday celebrations occurred–for Jesus, Hannah, and Josiah!  We had a wonderful season joining with the Christmas worship and joy of the Rabat International Church and thanking God for two of our children that are now a year older. Hannah, our baby, is now nine! We had a wonderful birthday week going … More December Birthdays

Happy 11th Birthday

We are so thankful that John is in our family!  He is creative, laughs a lot, and is a good friend.  We had a fun day bowling and flying a new styrofoam plane in the park across the street. One of the best treats was spending a birthday with cousins.  We are blessed.

15th birthday

We’re so proud of Elijah, now a big 15 year old. He is full of interests, very thorough in his work, and enjoyable to be around. His birthday was the actual day of the half marathon. Look how great his dad looks just hours after running it! Elijah is made from this strong, impressive stock! … More 15th birthday