The Blanco Negro

The Blanco Negro is my new McDonald’s friend. Hot espresso swirled with ice cream, it can’t be beat! What is shown here is our usual ordering when I go on an afternoon date with Elizabeth. We both like salty and sweet, so dipping the fries in our preferred ice cream is satisfying. It won’t win … More The Blanco Negro

Familiar products

Here are some things that I buy weekly, if not daily, that I wanted to make sure I captured so I won’t quickly forget how much I depended on them. Milk in half liter containers. What I pretended was cream cheese.  Nice in a coffee cake. This is the yogurt company that I remember as … More Familiar products

A snail snack

The scent of spicy snails wafts with the breeze. Hannah squeals when she smells it and begs to have them. The snail man gives you a bowl of snails plus the broth for about 50 cents (US). The broth has many spices and is supposed to be good for your stomach. However, the microbes on … More A snail snack

Buying meat

Ah, fresh beef cut to order. I appreciate that we can easily get “kefta” (ground beef) ground with whatever amount of fat requested. Any part of a cow you are interested in is probably represented here. Our local butcher is a familiar face who welcomes with a smile and various friendly greetings. The only times I … More Buying meat


Henna is a lovely tradition here. It seems that anytime something happy happens with women, henna is involved. A henna ceremony prepares a bride for her big all-night party. A woman in her third trimester of pregnancy receives henna as a blessing and as a protection of sorts.  It’s a beautiful art form!

The chicken man

Down the street from Omar, the fruit and vegetable guy, is the “chicken man” nestled under his orange awning. (And yes, in case you are wondering, I did buy some of those delicious, sweet beets sitting there.) The chicken man has so much more than poultry!  He has my favorite olives, marinated with citrus. He … More The chicken man


Morocco has plenty of juice places. It’s a refreshing and inexpensive snack. Plus, they are beautiful–a delicious strawberry one. My favorite–an avocado with ground almonds and dates–sitting next to a mango friend. I love being together most of all.