Capturing moments in time

The last few months knocked the wind out of me. Change and goodbyes deepen the beauty in life but also dehydrate due to the quantity of tears shed! Instead of listing out a timeline, I thought that I’d post three photos taken of our family with approximately one month in between of each. The first one was taken on May 1 in Morocco…DSC_0678We called “201” home for two years. The metal door that the boys had learned to open without a key by lifting their long arms over the top and pushing down the inside handle. The hibiscus trees that covered our protective bars and decorated the front with rich red flowers. The hint of green that’s seen through the front door as the back patio was open. I loved seeing plants out of my kitchen! And all the young characters pictured here were finishing up classes, Patrick was busy trying to sell all of our furniture, and I had just cried my eyes out.

This picture was taken by our friends in their car ready to drive away, the last time we were to see them in Morocco. We were outside waving goodbye. A moment in time was captured. When I look at this photo I relive my weeping and gasping for air, my inability to speak, the feeling of weight on my chest….I am beginning to cry now in remembering. These were dear friends for all of our nine years, spending Christmas vacations together, camping in Europe together, sharing all parts of life together.

This picture captures the feeling of the month of May for me…goodbyes and tears…both painful and healing.

“The tears…streamed down, and I let them flow as freely as they would, making of them a pillow for my heart. On them it rested.”  Augustine, Confessions IX, 12


This photo was taken on May 29, graduation day in Pennsylvania for our big girl. We are so proud of her! Auntie Sara, Uncle Brian and kids were present as well as my dad, brother, and dear family friends. She was all smiles that weekend with her online friends from Veritas Press Scholars Academy. I felt thankful. Thankful for the bright future that’s ahead of her. Thankful for her love for learning and her family. I also felt sad. Where has the time gone? I tried to focus on the “thankful” bit though because hadn’t I shed enough tears the past month? I love my kids and my Patrick. This moment was a milestone in the life of our family.


Here’s the family on July 2, in the Garden of the gods in Colorado. We had been in the US for over 5 weeks and I had probably already put on 5 pounds from all the artichoke dip consumed at my sister’s house! We just said sad goodbyes to some friends and were excited to meet some of my college friends that I hadn’t seen in years. We were also heading to a time of debrief to help us all move into a new season of American life.

This picture represents transition to me–not yet in our new location but out of our old one. It speaks to me to enjoy the present, to cherish the times that we are all together, to marvel in God’s kindness shown to us and the ways that we have all grown.

So there it is, three photos of the same folks, being cared by God at each stage.

I started this blog because I wanted to metaphorically open the door of my Moroccan home to allow people who weren’t able to visit to take a peek into our lives and into the culture. I wanted people that I dearly cared about to enter in and see some of the Morocco that we loved. But now my Moroccan home is empty.

Occasionally I may add some posts if I come upon some photos or relevant thoughts. Morocco will stay with me. I will miss writing about daily activities. I will miss the smell of mint tea. I will miss walking with Patrick on the coast. I will miss our friends. I will miss you, Morocco!

5 thoughts on “Capturing moments in time

  1. Beautiful. Simple my beautiful. It’s a true gift to be present emotionally during a time of transition/grief. Bless you as you continue on!

  2. I have really enjoyed all your posts and pictures! What an amazing opportunity for you and your family to experience the Moroccan culture. Welcome back!

  3. Alicia, I am a friend of “Auntie Sara’s” and I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your Morocco experiences. I’ve loved reading all of your posts and seeing your photos over the years. This blog was great for others to follow, but it will also be something wonderful for you to look back on and remember your time there. Peace to you!

    1. This was an endearing comment, thank you! I am thankful to now live closer to Auntie Sara but will miss the many sights and smells (most smells!) of Morocco. Thanks!

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