Familiar products

Here are some things that I buy weekly, if not daily, that I wanted to make sure I captured so I won’t quickly forget how much I depended on them.


Milk in half liter containers.


What I pretended was cream cheese.  Nice in a coffee cake.


This is the yogurt company that I remember as a kid–Dannon.  But here we call them “Danoon.” I usually don’t buy their yogurt but we found this greek variety intriguing. It’s supposed to be lemon but it was so thick and the picture was deceiving that Hannah would call it “the cheese kind.” The chocolate puddings were yummy.


“Fizzy water” that we would often enjoy with 1/2 cup of juice.DSC_0687

Ice cream that really wasn’t all that great, but we were excited when we had it nonetheless.DSC_0689

Now this “Chergui” was the brand of yogurt that I liked!  Perly was our sour cream substitute, great on chili which I made a lot of!


This is their “ful” bean which they use to make Basara soup. But it was the brand “Rosana” that always got me singing for the rest of the bean aisle thanks to Toto’s 80s song–“Rosannnnna, I…love you. You’re the one, the one for me.”

I’m thankful for the many foods God provided for us here. This is yet another area I’ll miss. Especially…olives. Yikes! I’ll have a definite withdrawal in that department!

One thought on “Familiar products

  1. Great idea to photograph these parts of your daily life. Your whole family will likely appreciate you capturing these memories!

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