The chicken man


Down the street from Omar, the fruit and vegetable guy, is the “chicken man” nestled under his orange awning. (And yes, in case you are wondering, I did buy some of those delicious, sweet beets sitting there.)


The chicken man has so much more than poultry!  He has my favorite olives, marinated with citrus. He has cumin, tumeric, cinnamon, preserved lemons, and harissa.


He has eggs, some still feathery, by the “plato” (30) sitting on the shelf.


And he sells everything that you’d need to make a sandwich or a pizza. He even has soaked chickpeas (in the bucket with the pink handle) for couscous or for their soup, Harira.  Yet we call him the “chicken man” because in his main showcase he has chicken breasts minced, chicken cut like brochettes, ground chicken, chicken thighs, and a few whole chickens. Look, you can even see the remains of his slicing. Not sure how hygienic it is, but it sure is convenient and tasty. Thank you, “chicken man,” for moving into our neighborhood!


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