A happy place

Welcome to one of my most favorite places on earth!IMG_0532

First, you hop on a local rowboat to cross an inlet to reach a sandy beach.


Then you climb up a dune so that you can overlook the city and the Atlantic. Oh, the breeze, the sounds, and the colors–glorious!


Then, you watch your son do flips down the hill. This causes deeper breathing and slight gasps, but the salty air calms the maternal panic.


Run (or slide or roll) down the dune!


Chill by the water.


Throughout the years this beach provided a respite to our family. It was 30 minutes from our old city so we would pack up the car (as well as all our troubles) and spend the day basking and receiving from the Creator. He is the one who can make a petite flower appear in dry sand, He also brings life in the midst of hopelessness. I am thankful for the ways He refreshed me through the years at this beach. A happy place indeed.

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