A golden egg?


Patrick picked up a chicken from the souk last week. When he was little, one of his chores on the ranch was to slaughter the chickens, so he wanted Josiah to have a chance to experience it. I was hoping that maybe she would lay some eggs for us in the meantime.

One day around lunchtime I walked out and saw a nice brown egg sitting there! I yelled for the kids, I was so excited! A freshly laid egg! Just what I wanted.

As I got closer, I noticed a faint pink mark like the stamp of a date that our eggs sometime get. Hmmm? And because this chicken is a free-range chicken, they are known to lay white eggs and this one was brown? I looked at the faces of my children to see what was really happening. Any jokesters? They seemed as surprised as I at the presence of an egg.

And then the final test–was it warm? I went to see how it felt and it…was cold! John cracked and said that he had rolled a refrigerated egg on the grass. Silly boy! I always have to be on my toes around here!

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