December birthdays

DSC_1010Our family is blessed with the sweet disposition of Hannah Rose. She has an endearing smile and an intuitive kindness. DSC_0006And now she’s 10 years old.  Double digits! 

DSC_0012 A cake-and-ice-cream-singing-parade. A better picture would have been Hannah perched on the stilts in the background while her parental unit made the joyful procession! That didn’t cross my mind though as I was concentrating on walking AND keeping the candles lit.

DSC_0161And Josiah, who entered the world right before the new millennium, December 30, 1999, is now a strong and humorous 15-year-old. I’m thankful for his laughter, his love for cooking, and his time conscientiousness with his classes.

IMG_0030 He enjoyed a game of American football on his birthday with great friends.

I’m so thankful for another year to enjoy these two!

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