These five…10 years later


I love this picture. I remember the spring afternoon that we loaded up our white minivan, pulled out of the long driveway of the Arizona “Orange Tree House” and made our way to JC Penney photo studio. They did have shoes on when we entered the mall, but they must have been discarded because they weren’t photo worthy. I cherish seeing those little toes ten years later.

I don’t remember having many deep thoughts during these days. My mind was occupied with prepping lunch sacks, naptimes, Mr. Rogers (which I loved watching more than my kids I think), and parks. I love parks. When the older two were in school and we finished our errands for the morning the younger three and I would choose a different park to explore. Hannah would be propped in the stroller and the boys would run and run. Slides, swings, trees, sun…this was my favorite part of the day. So when I look at this picture I think of those Arizona parks. I also think of being sleep deprived and penny pinching. And I think of the first appearances of little personalities that continue to make these five cherished.DSC_0029 DSC_0030 DSC_0031 DSC_0032

And now ten years later–ages 10, 12, 14, 16, and 18! They are such delightful characters, each their own person. This photo shoot was taken on our roof in the squinty sun in the middle of their homework time, so it’s real life. Yes, my oldest is sporting a Totoro onesie, which keeps her warm in our cold house!  I am a better person for knowing each of them. I look forward to the next ten years, trusting our good God to continue to mature us all.

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