So, do you have McDonalds?

In September I fielded questions over Skype from a group of students living in Indiana. The whole experience was delightful, they really wanted to know more about where we lived. I’ll share a few of the questions allowing you to take part in the fun.

Are there dogs and cats in Morocco? Do you have any pets?

Yes, there are both dogs and cats in Morocco, but they mainly live on the streets. The dogs are often watchdogs. We have four guinea pigs and two small (palm-sized) swimming turtles.

Snickers and Hershey
Snickers and Hershey (their babies are Twix and Bounty)

What kinds of sports do the kids like?

Moroccans love soccer–both playing and watching. They also like basketball and karate.

The kids also like this summer activity--someone pays to go inside this big ball and then you try to "walk on the water."
The kids also like this summer activity–someone pays to be zipped inside this big ball and then you try to “walk on the water.” It reminds me of gigantic hamsters!

Do you have a hospital nearby in case your family needs care?

Yes, there are many private clinics located in the city. Some of our family members have received x-rays and follow-up care successfully.

Do you have any tropical storms?

No, we do live next to the Atlantic Ocean, but no big storms.

What food do you miss from Morocco, when you come to the states?

Olives, of course!
Olives, of course!

Do you eat sweet corn there?

No, not like the famous Indiana sweet corn! Sometimes in the evening there is a man on the street who has a grill to char some field corn. But it isn’t quite the same!

Can you buy peanut butter?

Americans usually ask for peanut butter in care packages, don’t they? We CAN buy peanut butter here. Hooray!

Do you have McDonalds?

Yes! We also have a Pizza Hut and a KFC in this city.


Are there any Christian schools?

No, there are no schools that have a Christian curriculum.

Are there any Muslim schools?

The schools–public, private and foreign–all have Arabic teaching and a varied percentage of it would be from the Quran. So, in a sense, both public and private schools are Muslim. The foreign schools (Spanish, French, and American) would be secular.

What do people do when they find out you’re a Christian?

Generally they are very respectful but almost always ask why I haven’t entered into Islam.  I say, “I am happy with my relationship with God through Jesus.”

Generally how do prices compare with America?


Fresh fruits and vegetables are much less and also delicious!  Meats tend to be more expensive (like ground beef will range from $8-11 for a kilogram) as well as packaged food, technology, and gasoline.  Labor (like househelp, mechanical, carpentry) is inexpensive.

There were many more perceptive questions.  It’s wonderful when people want to know more about your world.  Thank you class for being so kind to “visit” us for a day!

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