Time for the annual sacrifice


You know it’s time again for the Eid when…

*Sheep start pouring into the city and are being sold in lots like Christmas trees

*Everyone starts asking each other, “Have you bought your Eid (sacrificial sheep) yet?” “How much?”

*The regular meat and chicken butchers start to close up shops for a few weeks.

*Since we live in a row of houses, back to back, we can hear the rams on the patios bah-bahing to one another, “saaave uuus.”

*Knife sharpeners stroll out their sharpening-wheels and wait on many street corners to get all the needed tools ready for skinning the sheep. These are the only days of the year you don’t freak out seeing people walk around with big knives. The day of the Eid is even more comical with butchers going from house to house all bloody carrying knives.

*Charcoal and hay are also big sale items right now.

Checking the sheep and goat out to see if they are good buys.

(observations written by my husband)

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