The beloved tram

ImageOur city has several modes of transportation–car, bus, taxi, train, and tram. I like the tram.DSC_0041We live in a place where two large cities sprawl close together and the tram connects them.


The beginning of the tram line is near to our house. Hannah is validating the tickets (about 75 US cents apiece) for us.


The interior is air conditioned and when I sit down in the initial calmness (remember it’s the start of the line) I usually always comment that I feel like I’m in the Disney World monorail. My recollections of this event are from my 8-year-old mind, so it’s possible that I’m a bit wrong, but my excitement remains.

101_9586When events like this happen, I tend to look the other way and plead ignorance.

DSC_0042We are off to Neverland!


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