Dinner on the roadside

This food-related post comes to you respectfully before Ramadan (the month of daytime fasting) begins tentatively tomorrow. We stopped at this “diner” a few months ago and it remains a favorite for me. It is right off the highway. It’s the place where the smoke is always wafting and the locals gather.  I love it!


The meat is fresh and the coals are hot.


While he looks good enough to be a server, he is an eater.  A big eater!


All of those clay dishes (called tagines) have been slow-cooking to perfection. They contain different meat and vegetable combinations.


One combination is lamb meat with onions, potatoes, carrots, peas, and olives. Delicious.

Usually around this time a group of 2-3 drummers and singers come table to table. If you make eye contact with them, you have to fork over your small change! When we were new to Morocco and were just learning language we felt sure that they were singing the equivalent of “Give me your passport” repetitively at our table! That created a lot of laughs and inevitably we gave them money (but not our passports!).


I can easily eat all of these olives.


Our meal ends with a cup of traditional mint tea.  The heat and the mint help to digest fatty meat (!) and the sugar content makes it like a dessert.  A perfect finish.

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