Visiting our Fishing City

For four years we lived in a fishing city in the north of Morocco. It was small, welcoming, and boasted of its…you guessed it…fish! We returned this past week and reveled in its strengths–hospitality and sardines.ImageThis forgotten octopus laid next to kilos and kilos of fish being sold at the central market.101_9098Patrick bought a kilo of sardines (for about 40 US cents!) and another type of fish and then took it across the street to a grill where they prepare your fish.ImageWe sat in the smokey interior and waited for our lunch. ImageImagePerfectly grilled sardines. Yum!ImageVenturing into the port in the evening, our old neighbor welcomed Patrick onto his boat.ImageImageImageImageAs the sun goes down, the fishermen’s day begins. There is a peaceful rhythm to life in a fishing city. I am forever changed by our four years there. I was happy to return.

2 thoughts on “Visiting our Fishing City

  1. this is awesome! Thanks for sharing!! I could really learn to like sardines in this environment! fresh from the sea!!!

  2. Thank you for this blog! I loved thinking about eating the freshly grilled sardines, trying the strawberry cake, warming myself with the hot water bag and driving my car like a speed boat in a stream of other vehicles. Sounds great!

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