Roman ruins basked in spring

ImageThe Roman ruins of Volubilis are found close to the city of Meknes in Morocco. It was one of the Roman Empire’s most remote locations with some of the most impressive monuments built in the 2nd and 3rd centuries AD. It is thought that this area supplied Rome with olives and wheat. Around 280 BC it was overtaken by local tribes but remained a Latin speaking community. When the Arabs arrived in 708, it was made up of Christians and Jews (many of whose ancestors had fled the earlier persecutions and taxation of the Roman Empire). We spent a lovely day there last week with some friends.ImageBeautifully detailed mosaicsImage

In front of the Basilica. (Those who have seen past pictures of our family at Roman ruins will recognize my sweater. I seem to wear it for all my Roman outings! I blend right in–it’s ancient too!)

ImageImageThe triumphal arch in the midst of beautyImage

I must confess that I was more enamored with the lovely spring flowers than the artifacts. I found my heart singing thanks to God for His wonderful creations as I wove my way down the paths.

ImageSometimes you need to see photos of your kids to realize how old they actually are. I love  being their mom.

I am thankful for this enjoyable day.

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