Spring has sprung

Sunday and nice weather equals picnics. We made our way to the local park too.IMG_2364Food vendors greeted us at the entrance. We were quick to hand over a dirham (about 12 cents) for a bag of popcorn.IMG_2365 I had my eye on the homemade potato chip vendor (with the brownish awning), but I figured we were there to exercise so I shouldn’t. IMG_2368John posed in front of it with his paper cup of sunflower seeds in the shell.IMG_2366

I tried to capture a bit of the crowd. Many people there! Some sitting on the grass preparing lunch, some playing soccer, and all enjoying the weather. This forest area has a nice dirt path going around it.
IMG_2370 One of our bikes lost air in the front tire. I love this photo because it shows Patrick in a true light–always there when someone has an emergency, always offering a shoulder to lean on.IMG_2371When I looked at these trees, I thought I had been beamed into a Dr. Seuss world! Thankfully they don’t make us sneeze!
IMG_2375A nice afternoon in God’s creation surrounded by God’s precious creation–people!

2 thoughts on “Spring has sprung

  1. I’m having a memory of us – at a farm – with a tree swing… some kind of a weekend retreat. I can’t remember the details… just Miami Sweatshirts and hearts grateful for spring weather. May it nourish your soul this season as He smiles down upon you!

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