8 years

Image2007 in Tangier, one year in Morocco

Some experiences forever remain vivid. The births of each of our kids, my dad’s call saying that my mom had died, and our first flight over to Morocco eight years ago this month. We had our fourteen 70-pound bags, a guitar, a stroller, and a bunch of stuffed carry-ons with wheels. Were we a sight to behold! I walked into the plane, the first leg of the three flight trip, holding one-year-old Hannah and knowing that our lives would never be the same again. The first flight was fine, the second flight was the trans-Atlantic one, long and through the night. We landed in Paris. After we exited the plane we realized we had to change terminals. We didn’t look ready to go anywhere though. Patrick was flat on his back after throwing up in the bathroom, my eight-year-old was resting after a tearful two landings due to an ear infection, and my nine-year-old was exhausted after staying up all night enjoying the in-flight entertainment. “Will we be able to haul ourselves over to get on the next flight?” I panicked. My fearful heart was soothed by a enduring peace, knowing that God was with us. Kudos to our chipper three-year-old who suddenly had a burst of energy and carried his own wheely carry-on (plus maybe someone else’s) and led the way to our next transit bus, getting us on our flight on time.

Oh my! When I think back to those days, I quickly become fatigued! We arrived safely, someone helped us with all of our luggage, we had two children on antibiotics within the first week, and though the rain could have dulled our spirits quickly we met some joyful souls who gave us kind welcomes. How the Lord has cared for us each step of the way in our journey in Morocco. Through the daily trials of life in general to struggling with illness and isolation, He has been our shepherd. My mind still often fluctuates between a panic feeling, “Now how will THIS ever work out well?” and the contented-flow of trusting His wisdom, His sovereignty, His power. He is teaching me not to forget His past provisions, His wonderfully detailed ways that He does work things out.

We celebrated eight years here with a dear friend whose family has walked this journey with us. We celebrated with a scrumptious, made-by-Josiah, New York Style Cheesecake.


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