Pressure cooking

DSC_0008I love the pressure cooker. It makes chewy beef tender, it turns dry white beans into something edible, and it completes its work faster than a child can say, “When is dinner ready? I’m really hungry.”  I converted from crockpot cooking to pressure cooking in the US when my children were young. I did love the crockpot, but you have to be all organized in the morning so it could do it’s slow, thorough simmering all day. The pressure cooker suited my fly-by-the-seat-of-the-pants lifestyle better. Forgot to soak the black beans for chili? No problem. Chicken still a bit frozen? No worries. Dinner should be on the table in about 30 minutes? No sweat! The pressure cooker can handle those problems. Its a great kitchen tool and the added bonus is that every Moroccan kitchen has one. I fit in!

Walking down the street at lunchtime you hear the s-s-s-s of the pressure cookers from the apartments as the oniony, gingery smells envelop you. Moroccan women are excellent cooks, using fresh ingredients and robust spices. Happiness! And hunger. It’s at that time that I realize that my own children will be pacing in the kitchen shortly and nothing is wafting from the windows of my home! Ah, but no fear…the pressure cooker. The most scrumptious of stews or soups could be made in a very short time.

I enjoy recipes with dried beans because they are less expensive and filling. Meat tends to be pricey here, so it’s nice to have other hearty options.
101_9003This Carrot and Chickpea Tagine is delicious. It creates oniony, gingery smells that can waft out of your window too!

Do you have a pressure cooker? A favorite pressure cooker recipe to share?

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