December Birthdays

DSC_0149December has come and gone.  Many birthday celebrations occurred–for Jesus, Hannah, and Josiah!  We had a wonderful season joining with the Christmas worship and joy of the Rabat International Church and thanking God for two of our children that are now a year older.

IMG_2103Hannah, our baby, is now nine! We had a wonderful birthday week going ice skating and to the Rabat zoo. She admitted to me the day after her birthday that she really didn’t want to be nine. I empathized and told her a story of when I didn’t want to turn 13 and grow up, how I wanted to stay a kid. She interupted and told me that she actually wished that she was older than nine and that she didn’t want to be the baby her whole life.  I laughed and she giggled–I sure misread that one!

IMG_2097This is the only ice skating rink in Morocco and boy did we have fun! We could practice turns and backwards skating because it was almost empty. I love being with Hannah–she has both the energy and sensitivity that make her a very joyful girl.

IMG_2259 Josiah, who lived for only two days in the 20th century, is a hearty 14. He is a gem, with both the ruggedness and agility of his dad and the tenderness of his mom. I look forward to seeing his interests develop more this year.

IMG_2282We have an annual gathering with two precious families after Christmas. With 19 people total, it’s always a party waiting to happen! What a perfect way to celebrate a special young man. Here’s the group after playing a few games of American football on his birthday.

2 thoughts on “December Birthdays

  1. Happy New Year and happy birthday to Josiah and Hannah! My Colette is 9 also, and Josiah is right in between Peter (15) and Micah (13). I love your updates!

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