Buying at the corner store

Run out of eggs and milk? No problem–Morocco has many shopping conveniences. One is called a “hanoot,” or corner store, found in every neighborhood. We have a “hanoot” about two minutes from our home. Hannah can take a dirham (about 10 cents) and run over and buy her own little yogurt.
DSC_0467As you can tell in the picture, this owner stocked his store well. I can see a row of bleach, purple and yellow bottles of “Monsieur Propre” (the equivalent of “Mr. Clean”), eggs, chips, oil, and bread sitting by the check-out counter. A customer can ask the owner to make him a quick sandwich made of that bread and some bologna-type meat or a hard boiled egg. Don’t forget the brooms at the entrance, Head and Shoulders shampoo displayed in the case, and some chocolate bars. Filled with almost everything your heart (or pantry) desires!

DSC_0083One “hanoot” can be better than others. About a ten-minute walk from our house boasts one that has my favorite Nestle chocolate bar. I’m glad that the further distance deters me most days! In the photo above, the owner sells fruit which is nice if you need something in a pinch. (Though another store sells just fruits and veggies, usually fresher.)DSC_0085This “hanoot” showcases goodies (it must be near a school!)–juice, chips, pop, and small pink yogurts. I love these stores–they make shopping convenient and community-oriented.

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