Tribute to my husband

He’s honest and understanding with his Moroccan friends.

In the midst of transition, reflection comes naturally.  This was a year of change for us as we moved from our home of four years to a large city about 1 1/2 hours south.  We spent time thinking and remembering.  By nature I’m a bit melancholy and sentimental, so change isn’t graceful.  But, Patrick is my hope-bearer and light-shiner.  He is the one who walks beside me and keeps me going.

This August will mark our 19th year of marriage.  I’m thankful for his persistence, his striving onward in the midst of struggle, and his endurance.  We first met and became friends overseas.  As we were ready to board our planes headed to different states in the US, he gave me a final send-off, “This will continue, I promise.”  Continue it did.  Though miles separated us, the phone lines and hand-written letters kept us close.  I rejoice in his faithfulness and tenacity, both then and now.

Here’s to you, Patrick, I can’t imagine life without you.  I thank God for your strength in our last transition and I’m thankful to walk beside you on this new road.

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