Finishing out the school year

Another school year is coming to a close. With the kids older, it has been a stretching one. There’s so much to learn! They’ve had some wonderful, memorable teachers through Veritas Press Scholars Academy.  We’ve read some great books through Sonlight‘s Core on the Eastern Hemisphere.  There have been stimulating discussions, well-written papers, and some improvements in spelling (in one child in particular).  On the other hand, there were unfinished art projects, an untouched music book, and great ideas that never reached fruition.  Always so much more to do, so much I want to do.  But this year I’ll look at the rainbow instead of the storm.  God has provided for us once again and we have all grown as a result.  Bring on the chocolate to celebrate!

When we moved, Hannah made a transition from going to a private Moroccan school to studying at home.  She’s a hoot, I love having her around.  She tended to finish her work quickly and then created her own adventures.

 One day I found her in her swimming suit on the roof.

Another time I found her doing a “craft” in her safety googles in the bathroom.101_9010


And there have been some lovely tea parties.101_8981

I’m a blessed woman to be their mom.

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