Buying Fruits and Vegetables

May photos 201
Our favorite fruit vendor in our early years

One of the perks of living here is the fresh produce. Seasonal fruits and veggies, seemingly just picked AND inexpensive. Usually the best can be found in small “corner stores” in which you grab a bag and fill up a kilo of what you desire. If you go to the same vendors, you make a friend and you usually get preferential treatment.

The man in the above photo was one of our favorite “fruit guys” the first few years of our life in Morocco. After we would fill bag after bag of tomatoes, potatoes, onions, carrots, and whatever fruit was in season, he would hand all of our kids an orange or a banana. You grow to love these guys! I actually cried when we were going to move and we said goodbye to the above man. He had just undergone a difficult illness and had returned to work recovered. I recalled with tearful emotion, how much he had loved our kids, always had given us warm greetings, and with his grown son, been faithful at his work. This gives a little window into what people value here–community. It’s not just about buying a juicy apple, but about purchasing from a friend and greeting a neighbor.

A small aside–Elijah, in the above photo, now towers above his dad. He must have eaten all of those complementary fruits and then some!

Watermelons are now beginning their season
Watermelons are now beginning their season

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