DSC_0013I never used to like olives.  All of the olives I saw growing up were the black ones from the cans.  I remember putting the whole pitted olives on my five fingers, playing, and then putting them back because they were yucky.  My dad ate the green ones with the pimentos from the jars.  I didn’t like those either.

But now my world has opened up!  I love olives. Purple ones, green ones, black ones, ones with lemon, ones with garlic, ones with hot spices–they all are scrumptious.  I am always drawn to the purple ones for some reason. I bought the above ones from a little store that is about a 5 minute walk from our house.  It cost me about 50 cents or so.

There is a small cost to enjoying all of these delicious Moroccan olives.  Guess what it is?  The olive blossoms in April and May can produce some really difficult allergy symptoms.  Right now we aren’t close to any trees but in our first apartment they were surrounding our windows.  I remember feeling like the air was poison, as I reached for the inhaler.  Thankfully, this year hasn’t been overly bad.  And thankfully, those trees produce good things.

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