Arabic Script


Living in an Arabic-speaking country, we are surrounded by the Arabic script.  It’s beautiful, yet confusing.  A wonderful book, The Arabic Alphabet:  How to Read and Write It, was a life-saver.  It takes one letter at a time, shows the form of the letter in different positions in a word and then tests you to see if you can read simple words.  I can now read Arabic like a slow first-grader. Ha!  There’s a big difference, however, between just decoding the letters and truly comprehending the meaning!  Nice people are often around to help.  For example, I often asked ladies at Hannah’s school to help me understand the “announcements” that the school sent home.  It’s a lesson in humility, but so necessary in a foreign land.  I always have the status of a learner.

Now it’s your turn….101_8881Can you read the script on the above soda?  I imagine that you can figure it out!  It’s never too late to learn something new.

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