101_8920We had our first experience with a Moroccan 24-hour Urgent Care last Friday night. Elijah was riding his ripstik down a much-too-large hill and hit something that sent him flying and scraping up his right side. Besides surface wounds that created a lot of blood, his right hand was causing a lot of pain and warranted an x-ray. All I can say is, “Yeah for dad!” My anxiety level rises high when there is this combination– blood (#1), on my child (#2), it’s night (#3), and I’m not sure where to go (#4). His dad was the unsung hero–finding the care center and getting the x-ray. Elijah has a hairline fracture in his pinky so they put a full hand splint on him for 4 weeks. We are praying that the swelling will go down and the hand will heal well. He has a good attitude though I’m sure that his new-found basketball team will miss him.

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