New home

101_8865Home sweet home! Here I am on the second floor balcony. You can see our front entranceway (by the white square on the wall) which opens to a narrow patch of grass and then the front door. The door opens into ….DSC_0157…. our huge salon/living room. Can you believe the size of this? We love it!

DSC_0152Look at the beautiful carvings in the plaster.

DSC_0159My sons are more interested in touching the ceiling than admiring its beauty!

101_8869I love the garden (with the banana and lemon trees) off the kitchen. This is such a blessing as it seems that I spend a lot of time in the kitchen.

DSC_0005This is our second floor hallway. We have 3 bedrooms, a school room, and a bathroom on this floor (all with closets, hooray!). Off to the right is the door to the balcony that I stood on in the beginning photo….
DSC_0156Ah!  Balcony, flowers, sunshine, and the smell of jasmine from the neighbors yard!

DSC_0154We live across the street from a kindergarten, see the letters on the wall?DSC_0001Our roof on the third floor.

I’m very thankful for this house and it’s location. We are also about 5 minutes from a nice park with a lot of greenery. The nature elements are so nice because we are still in the city (teenagers seen rolling joints in the front of our house, beggars, cats eating garbage, and cockroaches). The Lord has brought us here and provided for us and for that I give thanks.

5 thoughts on “New home

  1. Beautiful…looks so much like Kristine’s place in Dakar (not as big as yours) her lemon trees are at the school ISD (international school of Dakar if you want to goggle it). Fun to read your blogs. Have a Blessed Easter. ( Our church choir along with the Episcopal and the youth symphany performed Debois’ Seven Last Words last Sunday afternoon….very moving) Love to all

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  2. BEAUTIFUL, Alicia! Thank you for sharing these. What a blessing to have closets!!! When Brian’s family lived in Iran and Pakistan they, too, had to create “closets” for their clothes. What we take for granted! The color and decor of the Kindergarten wall appears to be quite a nice with your balcony flowers. So grateful for the way that God has blessed you with this new home!

    Happy Easter to you and your family!

  3. What a beautiful tour of your home. I want to see a picture of your kitchen so I can imagine you in it doing your cooking. It looks very spacious and I am glad you have closets. I have been posting pictures of our newly remodeled kitchen (still in progress) on FB. Hope you are feeling settled. Happy Resurrection Day!
    Hello to all,


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