Moroccan teatime


A perfect adjective to describe a Moroccan woman is hospitable. Seriously. Teatime falls in the late afternoon and includes coffee or tea and usually homemade goodies, cookies, and a fresh bread-type product like rghaif.
-oxNqx6eSuS84ANLjEgRf7t_0LS5psXS5-RWbINqvi8Mint tea is joyfully served, made from sugar, green tea, sugar, fresh mint leaves, and sugar. It reminds me of doublemint gum and is very refreshing.

Teatime is relaxed and includes much laughter while the TV is going in the background. It’s a time for the hard working woman to rest and spend time with her lady friends. It’s also very appropriate to just drop by someone’s home without calling beforehand and joining their teatime. While this honors them in their culture, it’s still hard for me to do as it is different from my American “pardon-me-for-intruding” upbringing.

He4dr8ECdSPf5osNQgHbgqXc0WeGIBM3XeOdedr8PV8_2One Moroccan type cake that can be successfully converted to be gluten free (with a bit of xanthan gum) is a Coconut Lemon Bundt Cake.  “Normal” people haven’t realized that it didn’t contain wheat flour and ate it up (unlike other things I’ve attempted!) Teatime is a carb-lovers dream but usually a gluten-free person’s nightmare. Elizabeth often drinks cupfuls of tea and smiles a lot. Bless her.

A second adjective to describe a Moroccan woman is generous. Usually you are sent home with most of the teatime so that your other family members don’t feel left out. I always walk out feeling loved, thankful, and well-sugared.

2 thoughts on “Moroccan teatime

  1. aaaaah! friend! your post left me with a hankering for mint tea! one of my favorite things during afternoon visits with my neighbor ladies too! (although I haven’t had it with green tea… we do black… but I can’t wait to try the green!) So, I went and made me some minty tea and had happy thoughts of my neighbor ladies back in my country that I miss so much!

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