The runners

IMG_3177John and Josiah ran a 3k for kids age 10-13 in Marrakech this past weekend. First the stretching…

IMG_3178 IMG_3179 IMG_3182 Anticipation.

IMG_3194 IMG_3201John, in the green, sprinting around the corner.


John gives it the final push to the finish line. Hooray! Josiah finished before him (after fending off a running bully who was tearing off kids’ running numbers. Thankfully Josiah has lived here for a few years and it didn’t phase him. He told me that he just grabbed his number back from the kid and kept on running.)

IMG_3511 The next day was the full and half marathon. A group of people ran for our NGO (Gateway Medical Alliance). One of them is the smiling young woman in the light blue.

IMG_3546 Some traditional percussionists greet the runners.

IMG_3574Patrick completed his first half marathon with a good time. Unfortunately I didn’t get to see him because the girls of the family didn’t go (it’s a 4 hr. trip from where we were staying). Instead the girls weekend consisted of watching Jane Austin movies and eating fudge. So in the end everybody had fun!

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