Adventures in baking gluten free–Making the flour

When my daughter was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2009 in the US, I poured over gluten-free food blogs, compliled recipes from a faithful gf friend, and scanned through the pile of books that my dad lovingly bought. I remember thinking that it was a change but doable, that I could learn much from those who had walked this path before us, and that the Lord was near.

We boarded the plane back to Morocco armed with my recipes and hopes. Hmmm. I didn’t detect much understanding of food allergies here. In the US we swap stories of family members or colleagues or neighbors that have food intolerances. But here I have only heard of one small girl who had a test sent away to France that concluded that she couldn’t eat wheat. Usually I get a surprised shrug of the shoulders and sometimes, “She can’t eat bread? Now that can’t be healthy!” So, it’s new, different, and unusual. Therefore, packaged gluten-free items are rare and usually imported.

I must say though that our Moroccan friends have been more than gracious, providing her with rice or a hard-boiled egg. And eaten without bread, their main tagines are naturally gluten-free.


So what does she do when she’s itching for a cookie or a cupcake? First we need some gluten-free flour which needs to be a mixture in order to have the end product’s taste and texture turn out. Clockwise in the photo there is cornstarch, packaged rice flour (yeah!), sorghum grains, a dark millet, and flaxseed. First I need to remove rocks, hay, and wheat kernels (we wouldn’t want that now would we?) from the grains. Then I pulverize them in the coffee grinder and sift it. Blend them together and voila, an all-purpose flour that can be used to make pancakes, coffee cake, etc. Though I now need to tweak this system because my coffee grinder refused to work after I photoed this picture. Camera shy or just stubborn?

Just wanted you to take a peek into my kitchen and into my thankful heart. God has provided for my girl’s health.

Here she is eating thanksgiving food, sans gluten. Thankful.
Here she is eating thanksgiving food, sans gluten. Thankful.

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