Mother Jade

When we moved here in 2006 one of the first plants we got was a Jade plant. My mom always loved Jades so I was attracted to it. I had about four plants in our first 3rd floor apartment and the little Jade remained small and spindly (due to the lack of light). After four years in our current place with the sunny balcony, the Jade has thrived. She has grown and grown and produced multiple cuttings which have grown and grown and produced multiple cuttings! She is truly a mother.
Just a few of the cuttings from “Mother Jade” which produced full plants. I have more that have been gifted and more on the other side of the balcony.
Two placed on my view out of the kitchen window.

These give me joy, life, and even an illustration. I put one of Mother Jade’s offsprings on our front step. During the summer neighborhood boys would sit there and pick off the leaves. She looked mighty sparse and abused. I debated–should I bring it inside and help it recover or leave it there (with a little instruction to the boys!)? I decided to leave it out there to heal. It became a living example to me as I slowly watched it recover even though it was still in tougher circumstances. New leaves grew over the old scars. I too have been “weathered” living here. There are some scars. But I likewise see in my own life that Jesus makes all things new. He is bringing life to me as I look to Him. I love having a living external reminder of something that exemplifies what is happening at a heart level.

(Currently the jade is inside due to being mangled by Josiah’s basketball. The illustration still holds though–this “trial” led to three new cuttings and much needed TLC!)

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