The students

Here’s a little peek into our homeschooling day. Hannah (2nd grade) doing math. She does half a day in French at a school in our neighborhood.
John (5th grade) is an energetic one who likes to take multiple breaks during his math until he is exhorted to put on his “math pants” and stick to the seat! I see that he has his math out but is reading a book instead. 
Our oldest two kids (grades 9 and 11) do the majority of their classwork online through a Classical Christian academy called Veritas Press. They have actual teachers who interact with other online students, creating a rich learning environment. I have loved it as they are learning so much and their teachers have been excellent. My favorite class of theirs is called Omnibus and blends together the three disciplines of Literature, History, and Theology. They are reading books that I never did! Josiah (grade 7) is doing two classes with Veritas–Latin (with his brother) and History. I thank God for this provision for us here.
Oops! I worked for a while with Josiah on his paper on the Barbarians and look, the math pants got unstuck! John and Hannah are making dough men that they are attacking with toothpicks. Looks like John has the bigger army, but Hannah has the box of toothpicks. I wish this was an “educational activity” because they had overheard their brother’s Barbarian paper and decided to act it out, but it’s not.
The students. I love them all.

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