Some traditional foods

I think I’m posting this because I’m hungry! These are traditional meals served by Moroccans. The first two are called tagines. The top one is the first course served at a wedding or fancy party. It is called Reddened Chicken (like broiled chicken) with preserved lemons, olives, and a rich onion sauce. Delish!

This is the second course–a sweet beef tagine with prunes, apricots, and almonds (and onion sauce). It’s scrumptious. Folks take bread and eat it by grabbing the meat with the bread and dipping it in the sauce. Tagines come in many shapes and sizes, usually a meat with a vegetable, like a stew. These two are prized.


Then we have the good old couscous which is traditionally served on Friday, their religious day. The vegetables are cooked in an onion, ginger sauce and if you are fortunate you will find a piece of meat under the vegetables. I’m going to head up to the kitchen now…

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